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Name: sbn

Hey all,

So after the long train trip of 10 (actually 11 hours), we finally arrived in St. Polten.
It was around 11pm, and so we went for the first drink of this IP, with everybody from Belgium (the guys from Leuven and
Limburg). The local pub that is closest to our hotel is a death metal pub. Which rocks!

So the day after was a total success, we figured out that the other students from the other countries suck at English
(even more than me).
The first class was basic linux again, seeing that my other team members (except the guy from Leuven) never had linux
before. So I did all the exercises at an easy pace, which means: I was lazy again.

The second evening was fun! We went to some whine serving something I don't know what it is called, but we got a lot of
whine there. Which did taste ok. But the end result was that everybody was drunk, which means that we made a lot of new

So the third day wasn't that nice for everybody (some had a drink or 2 to much), I don't recall doing much that day.
Just the eggdrop competition, which my team did win (Great minds get great results). Eggdrop competition was building an
constructor so the egg would be thrown down from the 1st floor, with your construction and if the egg breaks, you lose.

That evening was also a lot of drunk fun. We had European evening, every country/School had to bring some local products
(so alcohol and food). And of course the Belgium guys had to teach the other countries how to drink. They all liked the
Jenever & the belgium beer.

The fourth day was a boring day. Well, not really but the whole day we had to do a network course, but since my team
kinda sucks (only the guy from leuven and me know something and do something) we did it all at an easy pace again.

Today (Fifth day), we went to Vienna, the tour we got was boring and way to much walking. I don't like walking, it's
exhausting. But for the rest of the day we chilled at the museum of national treasure, not inside but outside on the
grass. We just chatted and looked (stared) at the girls.

So that is it so far. The labs were boring but the presentations where good and interesting.

Greats to everyone in Belgium and elsewhere.

And to Dries, I do miss you, you fool!


Date: 24 Apr 2010

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