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Name: sbn

Hey all,

So after the long train trip of 10 (actually 11 hours), we finally arrived in St. Polten.
It was around 11pm, and so we went for the first drink of this IP, with everybody from Belgium (the guys from Leuven and
Limburg). The local pub that is closest to our hotel is a death metal pub. Which rocks!

So the day after was a total success, we figured out that the other students from the other countries suck at English
(even more than me).
The first class was basic linux again, seeing that my other team members (except the guy from Leuven) never had linux
before. So I did all the exercises at an easy pace, which means: I was lazy again.

The second evening was fun! We went to some whine serving something I don't know what it is called, but we got a lot of
whine there. Which did taste ok. But the end result was that everybody was drunk, which means that we made a lot of new

So the third day wasn't that nice for everybody (some had a drink or 2 to much), I don't recall doing much that day.
Just the eggdrop competition, which my team did win (Great minds get great results). Eggdrop competition was building an
constructor so the egg would be thrown down from the 1st floor, with your construction and if the egg breaks, you lose.

That evening was also a lot of drunk fun. We had European evening, every country/School had to bring some local products
(so alcohol and food). And of course the Belgium guys had to teach the other countries how to drink. They all liked the
Jenever & the belgium beer.

The fourth day was a boring day. Well, not really but the whole day we had to do a network course, but since my team
kinda sucks (only the guy from leuven and me know something and do something) we did it all at an easy pace again.

Today (Fifth day), we went to Vienna, the tour we got was boring and way to much walking. I don't like walking, it's
exhausting. But for the rest of the day we chilled at the museum of national treasure, not inside but outside on the
grass. We just chatted and looked (stared) at the girls.

So that is it so far. The labs were boring but the presentations where good and interesting.

Greats to everyone in Belgium and elsewhere.

And to Dries, I do miss you, you fool!


Date: 24 Apr 2010

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Name: sbn

Hey all,

As you might know or not know. I've been selected to participate on an 'Intense Program' about 'Computer Security &

This is a 14 day exchange program. Which roughly means: 7 different school, one location. 6 nerds (I mean students) from
each school. All learning about 'Computer Security & Forensics', well more Forensics then security. But forensics can't
live with out security.
The location is Austria, some city near Vienna.

So I'm one of the 6 lucky nerds that has been chosen (We had to defend/present our self to a board of professors who
would chose the lucky ones).

Currently we are Day 1 of 14.
Normally we would go by plane. But thanks to our friendly neighbors (Iceland), who are sending us ash instead of cash,
our plane got canceled because of the ash cloud.

So now I'm waiting for news from the professors who is joining us on the trip.
As far as I know she's currently getting tickets for the train, so that we can take the train to Austria, tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to the train trip, it's only a 10/11 hour drive. That's nothing compared to the 1,5 hour flight.

So that's all I got to say so far.
Hopefully I wont forget to blog more about my journey.


Date: 19 Apr 2010

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Name: sbn

Whats up kids?


Ok, that isn't true. I've been busy now a days.
That's what you get when you're growing old.

So what have I been busy with?
The usual stuff: Youth Movement, Going Out, School, Typing In Camel Case, Programming, ...

About the School part:
I'm in my second year of IT, it's more boring then last year actually. I kinda lost my motivation
But anyway, java is still the main language the teach us in (Why Java? If I wanted to be a mutated programming turtle, I
would have joined the mutated ninja turtles). We learned how to use Swing and the layoutmanagers from awt, event
handling and shizzle like that.
But then it came, the worst part of all: 2D with java. If there is something that I really hate, then it's the fact that
in every language they teach you how do to 2D Drawings.
I haven't been able to figure out why everyone needs to learn to make 2D Drawings with java, as a normal developer that is.

So for my personal programming (read in, fun things I try to do)
I've been teaching my self C++ and DirectX. It has been going ok, I'm not really satisfied with my knowledge yet, but
it's quite hard to understand and use it (since I cant be programming day and night in it).
What I made so far? A snake clone, a lame one! Yes, I like making lame programs (that's what they teach me in school :p )
And for real 3D I'm now writing a terrain engine. In the current state it's able to load a height map and translate it
to a plane which then generates mountains and so on.
It's nice to see, but it's only in wireframe atm, since there is no textured data to it (nor color) but that will come soon.

I've also been playing some games, I completed Mafia and Half-life 1. Both older games, but great fun to play.
Also played some commandos, if I ever finish that darn game I'll be glad

I tried to do some gamehacking, but haven't done anything really cool (except some ammo hacks)

That's it for now
Speak to you soon (when the time is right)


Date: 24 Oct 2009

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Name: sbn

Hi all,
as you all can see, my site received an update!

Woot updates updates!
"So what is updated?", you ask. The design changed!
"So what", you're saying. Well, now I finally own the whole design code + graphics. WOOT ME!

Whats up for the rest?
Well I graduated my first year as an IT(er) [what did you expect].
I'm very active playing a browser game [ http://www.castlequest.be ]

For the rest, Idling in #gamehacking on efnet.nl - Cheers to you all

That's it for now!

Date: 14 Jul 2009

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Name: sbn

Sup dudes?

sbn here. Way from the R side.

So what is up lately? Schools back. I passed on all my exams (ended up with 2 high scores).
For the rest I've been busy developing for the web.

As you all might notice there is a new search option on your left. Use it wisely :)


PS I'm sorry that I don't blog so much!

Date: 23 Apr 2009

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Name: sbn

Sorry guys, it has been a long time ago.

So here I am again.
What have I been up to? Well, I have had exams which went ok.
Some better then others (java being a great one)

What other thing have I been doing. Well I did some php programming, and I learned how to make an excel file with php.
Well 'php' that is.

And what about games you ask?
Well it seems I'm addicted to card games, I keep playing patience over and over again.
But that isn't the only game I'm playing, Texas Hold'em is also one of the lucky card games I'm playing.
Thou I must say I hate playing poker for fun. People tend to just click raise & call all the time. Real poker takes more
then just calling and seeing the flop 100%.
It makes me sick!

For the rest? Well holiday is about to take a peak around the corner and it will be a busy one.

See you all soon


Date: 1 Apr 2009

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Name: sbn

Hi all,

Today I had a nice day of Windows "hacking". Here is the story.
So I had some kind of spyware on my pc. The spyware popped up in my browser and gave a bubble message saying I should
scan for anti-spyware with some program that would even install more spyware onto my computer.
So what did I do. I used some programs (Spybot, Malware bytes and so on) which indicated I had a "trojan" or "virus"
(called SSD). It had to do something with Userinit.exe and some registry key's.
The programs weren't able to remove the values, so I tried my self. At first try it didn't work, but then I found the
permission tab, there I gave myself all access. *POOF* all keys gone.
So I removed them and when I came back home from school my pc wouldn't login anymore. It just kept trying to login and
getting loged out (quite funny to see).

So I knew what went wrong, I deleted the registry key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon with value:
%windir%\system32\userinit.exe," mind the comma.

So the solution to this? Well, placing that value back. I thought it would be an easy task as I could boot into safe
mode and try it there. Guess what, no luck the same effect there (login/logout). So then I started thinking of what
software I had lying around.
First I tried the windows recovery disk, no luck. There is no program on it (by default) for even watching the registry.
So that was no option. Then I remembered I had some BartPE usb version things lying around (it once worked) I tried to
install it to usb again, but no luck on booting. It gave me some german error saying something was wrong with a file on
the disk. So I retried the different version I have installing but with out luck.

So I started an other search. A search for some linux version of regedit, some articles told me I should try wine and
use regedit from there. Knowing that the machine isn't dual boot (my bad, I should have done that in first place) that
wasn't an option, so I looked some more.

Throe the several searches I made, I always saw the page "Offline NT Password ..." but I didn't pay interest to it,
since I wasn't going to change my password or so. But after all it seemed to be the solution. The product it self is a
boot cd, but you can just copy it to usb and run pretend the usb is a bootable cd (if your mobo supports booting usb's
this is a handy feature). It wasn't hard to get the cd image (iso) on to the usb. Just mounted the image with some
program and then copied the content of it to my usb. And voila it was booting before I could blink my eyes.

Now came the hard part, editing the registry. After all it wasn't that hard, reading the help on the site.
But it was a lot of hassle to edit just one key in my registry.

So what have I learned from all this? Don't compress your windows partition (you'll need some luck if you try to edit
things that way).
And that there are a lot of useful utilities on the internet.

And that one utility is joining my favorite list which is: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD.
Url : http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/

So after spending hours on trying to get my PC working again, I succeed again.


Date: 4 Mar 2009

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Name: sbn

The website is updated!

WHAT? HOW? Didn't you see it?
Well, that's because the work has done behind the scene. I changed the code a bit (the code will now be aligned to the
left when you view the source).

I also made the website XHTML Strict hurray !
What does this mean? Well, the site is more CSS based now. And I deleted the old deprecated tags like the center tag,
and switched it with text-align: center. And so on.

Now I'm finally with the cool guys, the guys that have their site in XHTML Strict.

Feel free to leave comments.
And you can always validate my site right here:

Date: 17 Feb 2009

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Name: sbn

All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.

In a land of freedom there once was a guy that didn't receive his freedom.

Makes you wonder what is wrong with the world!

Date: 16 Feb 2009

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Name: sbn

Hi all,
sbn here!
Been long time no?

Ok so what do you want to know? Not much I guess.
So I'm here to tell you this. I finally learned OO which is Object Oriented. Adding a P to the two o's will make it
Object Oriented Programming. Which seems to be a good way of developing programs.
There I told you something new!

Also more 'fun' news. I started to play 'Commandos: behind enemy lines'. Which still is a very good game. Just need to
use my head a little bit too much for it.
But hey that's a good thing I guess.

Ow yeah before I forgot. NOTHING!

Ha got you there.


Date: 11 Jan 2009

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