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Name: sbn

New news!

I added some new spam protection on the comment system. Hopefully this will hold those bastards for a while.

Yesterday it was Halloween. I hate it, it's too commercial and it's not even a real holiday !
I do like 1 November! It means my birthday is only 12 days away!

What do I want to get for my birthday you may be asking? Well, if you got too much money and want to spend some of it.
I could use a car. You could maybe buy me some PC parts (motherboard (with at least 1 PCI-Express x16 slot and about 4
PCI slots), ram, processor, A 600+ Watt Power Supply, and of course a PC tower case).
But you can also just send me some beer (I rather drink brown beer like: "Donkere Leffe", "Grimberge bruin" and so on).

I also have been listing to a lot of music lately, not that it interests you but I don't care.

Like anyone is even interested in reading my crap. Hoara for my crap! Who wants this crap system? Just post a comment!

No, really if you want to get help, or want hire me for coding your website (the php part that is) just leave a comment
and I will contact you.

For the rest, I hate you all, except you girl. Like you ;)


Date: 1 Nov 2007

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Name: sbn

It's you know who again.
Today was a great day xD
Went to the bank for doing some paper work. Which sucked cause I found out that I don't have any money (so don't come
bag for some). It was also very early for me.

After that I started programming, no php but win32 (yeah I know, I'm guilty on using windows).
And I had some problems. Which are by now (many hours later) solved.
But finally it is working, I'm very pleased now. More like satisfied, a great feeling to have. I wonder why I still make
so many mistakes. Maybe it's cause I'm not smart? Would that be the reason?

It was also basketball practice, it rocked. I was in very good shape xD (this is because I had problems with programming).
I latterly owned the other group (it was 3on3) they couldn't stop me, which made me play even better xD.

I also came to a conclusion: I need more stuff for this site! It's empty!!! So if you got an idea for this site. Just
put it in a comment ;)

I also want to thanks all the people for commenting, it makes me feel happy when I read them :). So keep commenting!

Thats about it, really. Now shut up and dance! (Hans Oberlander - SFUR - GTA: San Andreas)


Date: 29 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

Hi there,
So here I am, AGAIN!
Really, I should stop spamming this site, I should let the owner know that I have taken over his site.
Or maybe I am the owner? Well, for you to find out for me to know!
I still wonder why I created this site xD. I mean, it's not like this is a busy site or something.
As far as I can see (which isn't that far, cause I'm looking onto my screen xD) there only have been 2 comments.
And one of them was even spam! Come on people comment a bit more!
Let me know you like this place OR think I'm a wanker that should turn emo and cut himself the right way.

So what did I do?
I've been very productive lately.
First of all, I finally finished my project (php). Had to remake the administration section a bit.
There where some errors with the picture uploading and resizing and blah blah blah.

I also made a little bit of music today! Hoara! Well, you can't call it music yet. But I felt productive while I was
playing with it.

I've also been sick the past 2 days which meant no school. And no school is no fun xD well at least it's no love ;)

For the rest I have to say this: GET A LIFE (you can buy one for $99.99 from me!)
That was it.


Date: 26 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

My message e?
Well, it has been a long time since I last posted a "news" item.
So here we go again. Let us hope that I still got it in me.

So what's new doc?

Well as you all can see, there is now a comment system (which isn't really been used a lot).
I also added a "captcha" to the site of my sis.
I haven't been coding for a time either. Really missing it ...

But I've been busy with my social (aka real) life.
Basketball practice is even worse then ever, it is annoying me!
The dentist helped me out. I had a very annoying pain in my teeth. He removed my nerve, away with the pain !

Ow yeah, before I forget :p I also got to mention some one special has felt into my life.
I'm not mentioning her name, because all you wankers will stalk her then xD

What else to mention? Dunno xD
Just leave a comment if I forget to mention you xD

Ow yeah, google is finally showing me on the search results.


Date: 23 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

Woot update!
I made this site a little bit more user friendly ;)
I changed my code a little bit. Now the "posts" come out properly. I previously used word wrap (You know, cut off long
lines into smaller but more short lines), now I'm using an other function.
This is great! I finally got what I wanted to have. I'm also working on a 'Comment System' so be sure to come and check
later. You may leave a message when it's done ;)
Well, that's all the "important" news for you 'guys' (and girls).

Ow yeah, I did went out too yesterday evening xD
Had a couple of drinks and some nice chats. Nothing too special.


Date: 14 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

Long time no posting. My excuses for this.
I've been very busy (yeah right ;) )
Well I did a lot of html & css coding today. (Editing a site that was previously in tables and now will be 70% div + css)
I liked it a lot. Especially when the page fucks up, and you don't even got a clue why.
Afterwards it was some stupid <td> tag I forgot to remove! Argh frustration allaround !

I also coded some php. I really love doing it as a money maker ^^ Kaching!

School was fun this week. Wednesday was awesome. Friday was really funny.
As you all should know. The "ramadam" (or how you spell it) is done now. And considering my school is populated by a lot
of Moslem's there was no cat to see on Friday :o.
Which meant! PARTY!!!
So I had a lot of fun the Friday xD

I also had "leidings animatie" (translate to Leader animation) which was fun. Had a couple of (free) drinks and we drove
through the city a couple of times (we passed the same place like 5 times xD). I also met a teacher of mine in the pub xD
It's weird to see your own teacher drinking while you're doing the same.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I've got basketball so I'll be doing some jobbing today and something for school as well.
Maybe I'll even go out this evening xD (Na, I'm to asocial for that)


Date: 13 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

Post nr. (Fill in here)

Ok so the weekend is ending. This isn't a good thing. But it isn't a bad thing either.

What did I do?
Well I already posted about Friday so read at the blog page.

Saturday: I woke up in the noon (around 12 o'clock).
After that I waited for my ride to the basket. We did lose the match (hey, when do we ever win ?)
When that time was wasted we went home. I ate and turned on my laptop to do some work on the GIP.

And in the late evening some one told me he joined a new 'shard' (different name for server) of ultima online.
I started install it again when he was chatting with me.
It's a nice shard we're on now. It has it's custom leveling system and so. Very nice to play.

I woke up at 10 am. I made some homework.
Then I went to the youth movement. Had some chats and a drink, went back home.
Did some more homework and went to the basketball "steak day".
Once home I played a little bit of UO (I was bored xD)
Then I began to work for my job again. I'm finally done with it!

So that was my weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours.


Date: 7 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

An other day, an other post.
I'm not that kind of regular blogger. I just post "news" when I got time.

The news?
Well, one of my best friends turned 18. So we went to "decorate" his house.

I also had an appointment with my brewing mentor. He's the guy who has learned me the wonders of brewing.
So I went there by car (drove my self. Still got my provisional driving license). And we had a nice chat.
He gave me a lot of useful info for my GIP. So now I can really work on it.

And what did I do for the rest?

Guess what :O ;)


Date: 6 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

Post nr. 4
4? Already, jeez I really need to get a time manger.
It seems that the days are skipping away from me.

So what did I do in the past hours/days. Well I didn't really had a lot of time so.
I didn't do a lot of scripting (php). More like research work and some little corrections I made.

But I did do a lot of working on my GIP, and with a lot I really really mean a lot.
Not just some research work, but actually real typing.
Which is a heavy duty it seems.

What did I do also? Well, today I had some nice drinks with my school pals.
It was long ago since we did that.

I also went to basketball practice the Wednesday (which was lame).

My weekend started a day earlier, Friday off! No school days rocks!

The rest I'm going to do for now is watch some movie and then go to bed.

Cheers to you all.

Date: 4 Oct 2007

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Name: sbn

So post Nr. 3

Today was a slow day! I really hate this kind of days. The seem to never end.
Well so what did I do today? Good question, probably one of the following:
- Game
- Chat
- School

I also learned something new today. It's something that comes in handy when scripting in PHP.

Ow yeah, before I forget. As you can see on the left side: There is a new link.
This will take you to a page that displays the older messages.
I did a lot of hacking at it to display it correctly and so.
But after some minutes it was correct. So when I was satisfied with the result I stopped working on it.

The only thing that rests for now is, going to bed!
I really like that! Not the sleeping it self (I rather find that a waste of valuable time) but just the laying down and so.
It's even more perfect with a good book. I like to read a lot, the main downside is that I don't have enough time to
read as much as I want to do.

Well, I'm off to bed!

Cheers to you all.

Date: 2 Oct 2007

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