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sbn, 26 Oct 2007
Hi there,
So here I am, AGAIN!
Really, I should stop spamming this site, I should let the owner know that I have taken over his site.
Or maybe I am the owner? Well, for you to find out for me to know!
I still wonder why I created this site xD. I mean, it's not like this is a busy site or something.
As far as I can see (which isn't that far, cause I'm looking onto my screen xD) there only have been 2 comments.
And one of them was even spam! Come on people comment a bit more!
Let me know you like this place OR think I'm a wanker that should turn emo and cut himself the right way.

So what did I do?
I've been very productive lately.
First of all, I finally finished my project (php). Had to remake the administration section a bit.
There where some errors with the picture uploading and resizing and blah blah blah.

I also made a little bit of music today! Hoara! Well, you can't call it music yet. But I felt productive while I was
playing with it.

I've also been sick the past 2 days which meant no school. And no school is no fun xD well at least it's no love ;)

For the rest I have to say this: GET A LIFE (you can buy one for $99.99 from me!)
That was it.


Giel, u just need a beer and ur healty agian, for the rest have fun with avatar

wow nice site gielius caeser
i think you should turn emo and cut yourself the right way!
but continue the site !
see you on halloweenparty!