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sbn, 29 Oct 2007
It's you know who again.
Today was a great day xD
Went to the bank for doing some paper work. Which sucked cause I found out that I don't have any money (so don't come
bag for some). It was also very early for me.

After that I started programming, no php but win32 (yeah I know, I'm guilty on using windows).
And I had some problems. Which are by now (many hours later) solved.
But finally it is working, I'm very pleased now. More like satisfied, a great feeling to have. I wonder why I still make
so many mistakes. Maybe it's cause I'm not smart? Would that be the reason?

It was also basketball practice, it rocked. I was in very good shape xD (this is because I had problems with programming).
I latterly owned the other group (it was 3on3) they couldn't stop me, which made me play even better xD.

I also came to a conclusion: I need more stuff for this site! It's empty!!! So if you got an idea for this site. Just
put it in a comment ;)

I also want to thanks all the people for commenting, it makes me feel happy when I read them :). So keep commenting!

Thats about it, really. Now shut up and dance! (Hans Oberlander - SFUR - GTA: San Andreas)