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sbn, 2 Dec 2007
So I'm bored again!

It's probably the fault of the upcoming exams. Which sucks, because I've to study then (and I really hate what I need to
study, it's all nonsense).
But I need to keep you guys up-to-date. So I haven't done anything to my php projects, cause most of them are "finished"
(that what I like to call it when I don't see the potential of updating). The only thing that I update was
www.rapertingen.be , well 'update' I putted new news on it.
So then I'm updating this site as well xD

But! I've been busy with programming. I finally got to the stage where the real shit starts, for you guys that can't
follow. Go Spider!

xD, I've as well been playing games (don't congrats me) Like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source (which I
bought recently). I did this because the 6th year (the year I'm in) is organizing a LAN Party!
You can find all the information of it here: http://xs-lan.undergroundwars.com/

I've also got this dumb idea to make stickers. But I need a logo for that, so I asked nicely to one of my school mates
to make me a logo. He's trying to make one but I don't know if I'm going to like it.
So if any one feels that he can support me. Please make a logo for me and mail it to my gmail.

Others news? YES!
I've found my cd of Uplink back and starting to play it again. But I forgot to install a patch and so. So I went looking
for a MOD and then I came upon: Onlink-mod . It really rox! And they are still updating it :o That even more amazing!

Thats about it. They only thing thats left to say is:
I love you girl (k). I really do.