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sbn, 1 Oct 2007
As my second blog I've got nothing else to say, just that I changed the layout a little bit (thanks to open source I got
I'm currently trying to learn how to design. And also I'm optimizing my site. Soon (this is in the not so near future)
I'll add a portfolio thing or so.
But first thing first. Currently on the list are: -Learn to design (long term) -Make new things to this blog thing -Make
my GIP (this is some giant project for school, mine is about the wonders of beer brewing).

You can always contact me for developing something in php for you. My email is skyblownet at gmail dot com .(thought,
I've got to pay stuff too ^^)

I also want say that my grammar is shitty and my spelling is even worse!

Cheers to you all!