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sbn, 7 Feb 2008
So here I'm again. My parents are on a vacation and I'm terrible bored. I'm dizzy all the time. I guess I'm having a
sleeping problem. BUT I've found a cure. It is called *SECRET STUFF*. If you want to know what it is. My paypal address
is skyblownet@givemelotsofmoney.com I'll ensure you that the information is correct. I've tested it so far on *SECRET*
number of people.

So what have I been doing? Nothing HA. I ROX!
Well I invented some new system that can crack your sleeping level.

Ow yeah I also brewed 120 or (150) liters of beer. It was fun, but my IP isn't going to finish any time near.

Well that was it folks. For a dead (or death) site I must say: "It's pretty active".