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sbn, 22 Dec 2008
Long time no speak.
Well, I've been busy. Really busy this time.

First of all, there was school (at the moment I'm in vacation mode ^^)
'school', you all think. Yes, school. This means exams!
Well they are over now, so no problem with that. But they ware lengthy and kind of frustrating to make.

Second real life.
Yeah it is evil and steals my computing time!

And then there was the programming & game
Which took most of my time, but was the best time!

Not much to say so. Too bad that I'm not a regular blogger.

I've given a class mate of mine a blog also, he is more what we call a regular blogger
check it out:

hi there, and sorry for this, but what do you know about cq2info.skyblownet.com? a friend has once set up something called dolumap in there, you know anything about him? how can i contact him?