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sbn, 11 Jan 2009
Hi all,
sbn here!
Been long time no?

Ok so what do you want to know? Not much I guess.
So I'm here to tell you this. I finally learned OO which is Object Oriented. Adding a P to the two o's will make it
Object Oriented Programming. Which seems to be a good way of developing programs.
There I told you something new!

Also more 'fun' news. I started to play 'Commandos: behind enemy lines'. Which still is a very good game. Just need to
use my head a little bit too much for it.
But hey that's a good thing I guess.

Ow yeah before I forgot. NOTHING!

Ha got you there.


Hey dude. I started using the object-oriented approach since last summer and find it superior to procedural programming. It's more work though, I've done some serious projects in ad hoc style before but writing good classes needs some heavy planning before you can start coding and it's a bit pain for me since I'm very impatient fellow (I'd just love to start coding straight away). I've found that in order to be productive and write good object-oriented code you need to be good with UML and have a clear picture what your program is going to consist of. -az

ps. Commandos is great

Giel wtf ??? waar gaat deze site eigelijk over want ik snap het nie :p ma ge kent mij ik snap nie veel :D:D
ik wens u eerst en vooral een gelukkig 2009 en werk wa aan u site vooral het uitzicht het ziet er simpel uit ciao
en veeeeeeeeel plezier we moeten nog ens samen gaan zuipen :D:D:D