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sbn, 1 Apr 2009
Sorry guys, it has been a long time ago.

So here I am again.
What have I been up to? Well, I have had exams which went ok.
Some better then others (java being a great one)

What other thing have I been doing. Well I did some php programming, and I learned how to make an excel file with php.
Well 'php' that is.

And what about games you ask?
Well it seems I'm addicted to card games, I keep playing patience over and over again.
But that isn't the only game I'm playing, Texas Hold'em is also one of the lucky card games I'm playing.
Thou I must say I hate playing poker for fun. People tend to just click raise & call all the time. Real poker takes more
then just calling and seeing the flop 100%.
It makes me sick!

For the rest? Well holiday is about to take a peak around the corner and it will be a busy one.

See you all soon