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sbn, 4 Oct 2007
Post nr. 4
4? Already, jeez I really need to get a time manger.
It seems that the days are skipping away from me.

So what did I do in the past hours/days. Well I didn't really had a lot of time so.
I didn't do a lot of scripting (php). More like research work and some little corrections I made.

But I did do a lot of working on my GIP, and with a lot I really really mean a lot.
Not just some research work, but actually real typing.
Which is a heavy duty it seems.

What did I do also? Well, today I had some nice drinks with my school pals.
It was long ago since we did that.

I also went to basketball practice the Wednesday (which was lame).

My weekend started a day earlier, Friday off! No school days rocks!

The rest I'm going to do for now is watch some movie and then go to bed.

Cheers to you all.

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