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sbn, 24 Oct 2009
Whats up kids?


Ok, that isn't true. I've been busy now a days.
That's what you get when you're growing old.

So what have I been busy with?
The usual stuff: Youth Movement, Going Out, School, Typing In Camel Case, Programming, ...

About the School part:
I'm in my second year of IT, it's more boring then last year actually. I kinda lost my motivation
But anyway, java is still the main language the teach us in (Why Java? If I wanted to be a mutated programming turtle, I
would have joined the mutated ninja turtles). We learned how to use Swing and the layoutmanagers from awt, event
handling and shizzle like that.
But then it came, the worst part of all: 2D with java. If there is something that I really hate, then it's the fact that
in every language they teach you how do to 2D Drawings.
I haven't been able to figure out why everyone needs to learn to make 2D Drawings with java, as a normal developer that is.

So for my personal programming (read in, fun things I try to do)
I've been teaching my self C++ and DirectX. It has been going ok, I'm not really satisfied with my knowledge yet, but
it's quite hard to understand and use it (since I cant be programming day and night in it).
What I made so far? A snake clone, a lame one! Yes, I like making lame programs (that's what they teach me in school :p )
And for real 3D I'm now writing a terrain engine. In the current state it's able to load a height map and translate it
to a plane which then generates mountains and so on.
It's nice to see, but it's only in wireframe atm, since there is no textured data to it (nor color) but that will come soon.

I've also been playing some games, I completed Mafia and Half-life 1. Both older games, but great fun to play.
Also played some commandos, if I ever finish that darn game I'll be glad

I tried to do some gamehacking, but haven't done anything really cool (except some ammo hacks)

That's it for now
Speak to you soon (when the time is right)


lol. this blawg is amusing sbn, btw i cld never understand why they love teaching Java either :/ when i went to uni for game design thats what they had us learnin..

In case there are php programmers who are bored they can always contact Aplyser3@hotmail.com

He is creating a maffiagame and needs some help

Another maffiagame?
That ain't hard at all actually...ohw well