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sbn, 19 Apr 2010
Hey all,

As you might know or not know. I've been selected to participate on an 'Intense Program' about 'Computer Security &

This is a 14 day exchange program. Which roughly means: 7 different school, one location. 6 nerds (I mean students) from
each school. All learning about 'Computer Security & Forensics', well more Forensics then security. But forensics can't
live with out security.
The location is Austria, some city near Vienna.

So I'm one of the 6 lucky nerds that has been chosen (We had to defend/present our self to a board of professors who
would chose the lucky ones).

Currently we are Day 1 of 14.
Normally we would go by plane. But thanks to our friendly neighbors (Iceland), who are sending us ash instead of cash,
our plane got canceled because of the ash cloud.

So now I'm waiting for news from the professors who is joining us on the trip.
As far as I know she's currently getting tickets for the train, so that we can take the train to Austria, tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to the train trip, it's only a 10/11 hour drive. That's nothing compared to the 1,5 hour flight.

So that's all I got to say so far.
Hopefully I wont forget to blog more about my journey.


congrats sbn from all at #gamehacking! ;D

En, ist plezant daar?