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sbn, 7 Oct 2007
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Ok so the weekend is ending. This isn't a good thing. But it isn't a bad thing either.

What did I do?
Well I already posted about Friday so read at the blog page.

Saturday: I woke up in the noon (around 12 o'clock).
After that I waited for my ride to the basket. We did lose the match (hey, when do we ever win ?)
When that time was wasted we went home. I ate and turned on my laptop to do some work on the GIP.

And in the late evening some one told me he joined a new 'shard' (different name for server) of ultima online.
I started install it again when he was chatting with me.
It's a nice shard we're on now. It has it's custom leveling system and so. Very nice to play.

I woke up at 10 am. I made some homework.
Then I went to the youth movement. Had some chats and a drink, went back home.
Did some more homework and went to the basketball "steak day".
Once home I played a little bit of UO (I was bored xD)
Then I began to work for my job again. I'm finally done with it!

So that was my weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours.