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sbn, 13 Oct 2007
Long time no posting. My excuses for this.
I've been very busy (yeah right ;) )
Well I did a lot of html & css coding today. (Editing a site that was previously in tables and now will be 70% div + css)
I liked it a lot. Especially when the page fucks up, and you don't even got a clue why.
Afterwards it was some stupid tag I forgot to remove! Argh frustration allaround !

I also coded some php. I really love doing it as a money maker ^^ Kaching!

School was fun this week. Wednesday was awesome. Friday was really funny.
As you all should know. The "ramadam" (or how you spell it) is done now. And considering my school is populated by a lot
of Moslem's there was no cat to see on Friday :o.
Which meant! PARTY!!!
So I had a lot of fun the Friday xD

I also had "leidings animatie" (translate to Leader animation) which was fun. Had a couple of (free) drinks and we drove
through the city a couple of times (we passed the same place like 5 times xD). I also met a teacher of mine in the pub xD
It's weird to see your own teacher drinking while you're doing the same.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I've got basketball so I'll be doing some jobbing today and something for school as well.
Maybe I'll even go out this evening xD (Na, I'm to asocial for that)