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sbn, 23 Oct 2007
My message e?
Well, it has been a long time since I last posted a "news" item.
So here we go again. Let us hope that I still got it in me.

So what's new doc?

Well as you all can see, there is now a comment system (which isn't really been used a lot).
I also added a "captcha" to the site of my sis.
I haven't been coding for a time either. Really missing it ...

But I've been busy with my social (aka real) life.
Basketball practice is even worse then ever, it is annoying me!
The dentist helped me out. I had a very annoying pain in my teeth. He removed my nerve, away with the pain !

Ow yeah, before I forget :p I also got to mention some one special has felt into my life.
I'm not mentioning her name, because all you wankers will stalk her then xD

What else to mention? Dunno xD
Just leave a comment if I forget to mention you xD

Ow yeah, google is finally showing me on the search results.


believe me ... i won't stalk ...
i'dd be stalking mandy more :-p ;-)